A library of hundreds of boardgames.. all for you!

Convention52 has partnered with the UK Games Expo. The largest and most successful tabletop convention in the UK. They have provided us with access to their entire boardgame library so you, Convention52 attendee’s, can come along, chose any game we have available and play it at any of our open gaming tables!  

How it works


when you’re ready to start playing a game, whether you’re alone, with your friends, your Nan or even a group of friendly strangers…. the process couldn’t be simpler… 

First, approach the Boardgame Library

Next, choose a game to try, you can browse through the folders at the desk or pick one out from the shelves that you like the look of… you could even ask for tips of what you might enjoy.

Then we’ll take some basic information and a deposit of £10.

You then take the game for as long as like, play it once and swap for another or play it 20 times and hold your own tournament! 


Finally, when you’re finished playing, return the game and we’ll return your deposit. Simple!